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"BWRT® has the potential to permanently change the face of psychotherapy. Lives are transformed in record time without the need to uncover the source of the dysfunction, resulting in virtually instant benefits for the patient..."


Dr. Ian Opperman 

Clinical Psychologist, Johannesburg

Free e-book about BWRT®

To find out about BWRT and how it can help you - you can download a 60+ page e-book in ePUB format from this page (read on any e-book reader including Kindle). It details everything you need to know about how BWRT can help you.

A brief introduction to BWRT®, what it does and how it does it byTerence Watts, Professional Therapist, teacher, lecturer, presentor, author, therapy developer and Creator of BWRT®

Internationally acclaimed, Terence has presented and lectured in many countries, authored numerous books which have been published and sold worldwide. Terence is highly respected and is responsible for a number of advancements and new methods in the field of mind therapies of which BWRT® is believed to be 'his crowning glory'.      

Rock in Sand

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) is a logical process that works by replacing unhelpful, destructive thoughts and feelings with the thoughts and feelings that you would rather have. This is done with many conditions resolving after only a couple of sessions.  All kinds of anxiety can be treated, from what can seem like minor irritations such as the sound of people eating, to life restricting conditions such as panic attacks, insomnia, grief, social media addiction, claustrophobia, social phobias and more, as well as my own particular specialism - horse rider confidence. And BWRT treats conditions without the need for months or years of ongoing therapy, and also without disclosing anything that you'd rather keep private.


In line with current thinking about neuroscience - that decisions are made about how you should feel, not in the thinking part of the brain, but in the reptilian complex - BWRT was developed by the internationally respected and renowned Terence Watts, Principal of the UK's prestigious Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnoanalysis and Chairman of the APHP & NRPC.


Client focused and down to earth, BWRT enables you to change the stressors in your life so they can no longer impact you. The vast majority of problems can be resolved in only a few sessions and won't ever return. There is also no need for you to use any coping strategies to prevent the anxiety returning.

As a BWRT® Advanced Practitioner and Member of the Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®, I provide confidential and private help for all manner of psychological problems. Every and any anxiety can be addressed so you can live your life without unnecessary restrictions.

You no longer have to be trapped by your unwanted thoughts and feelings.

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