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BWRT-Neurophysical Enhancement Training (NET)

Neurophysical Enhancement Training, as the name suggests, uses psychology to focus as many neurones in the brain and body as possible to enhance physical performance. Whether you want to get the best of out of a gentle jog around the park on a Sunday morning, run your best-ever time in a marathon, jump higher or further, or increase strength and endurance, this programme is designed to help you achieve just that. It will even benefit you if you really would prefer to do no exercise at all but want to maintain the best physical health you can.

Workout with Kettlebells

Psychology for fitness

If you're now wondering what on earth psychology and BWRT® has to do with all this, the following is an excerpt from an article in the New Scientist magazine in the April 22, 2020 issue:


"A remarkable study by Brian Clark at Ohio University showed that you can build muscle just by using your imagination. His team used a surgical cast to immobilise the hand and wrist of 29 volunteers for four weeks. For 10 minutes a day, half the group sat still while imagining performing exercises with their immobilised hand. When the casts were removed, both groups had lost muscle strength in their wrists, but the group who had performed imaginary exercises lost 50 per cent less than the control group. The results suggest that mental workouts strengthen pathways in the brain that control muscle movements, which later translates into greater command over the target muscles, increasing their strength."


The Mental Workout your practitioner will give you is far more powerful than the simple imagination exercise those participants in the experiment were using - and you will be able to feel the evidence that it is working immediately you have conducted it! Of course, the Mental Workout on its own will not be likely to create huge improvement in your fitness levels but it will keep you as fit as it is possible for you to be without physical exercise. But add even just a moderate amount of physical exercise during the programme and you'll really begin to see the benefits!

Your Experience

This incredible technique allows you to tap into your Reptilian Complex to enhance physical fitness, stamina, athletic ability, as well as general health. I've been a beneficiary of this myself as written about in the Somerset Gazette and Woman Magazine, and now I'm delighted to be able to offer BWRT NET to my clients. 

"[NET] has really helped improve my swimming performance, my timings splits have dramatically reduced even over much longer swims and I have found my endurance has easily increased to over double what it was and even better my post swim recovery is so good that I immediately look forward to getting back in the water." Michael

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