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"What you seek, is seeking you"




Registered MIBWRT (Reg.)

Kate carries full professional liability insurance and her profile can be seen on the BWRT- professionals site at 


I trained to become a BWRT Advanced Practitioner after discovering its ability to provide a very fast, permanent solution for people's distress. All issues can be addressed, some in only a few sessions, and as BWRT doesn't require ongoing work from the client and is not subject to recidivism, its one of the most effective therapies available. 

As well as treating issues that are common to all people, as an experienced rider and horse owner, I specialise in helping others in the equine world. Several media articles have featured my work with this specialism and I was delighted to give a presentation about horse riding confidence - 'Brain to Rein, putting the science into getting back in the saddle' - at the BWRT World Congress. This is a part of my practice that is close to my heart, understanding all the issues that come with being a rider, including even the ones that some may not associate with being a rider or owning a horse, making me the only BWRT Advanced Practitioner in the UK and Ireland with this specialism.

I live in Somerset and offer online therapy throughout most of the world, and also face to face sessions at Jordan's Courtyard, Ilminster.

Please click the button below to get in touch for an initial, no charge, no obligation consultation to find out how I can help you.

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The following examples are by no means exhaustive.

  • Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Insomnia

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Social Media Addiction

  • Panic Attacks

  • Menopause

  • Addictions

  • Social Anxiety

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

  • Stress

  • Competition Nerves

  • Loneliness

  • Fear Of Being Judged

  • Guilt

  • Embarrassment and shame

  • Low Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Fear of Tests/Exams/Driving/Flying

  • Phobias

  • Financial Anxiety

  • Achieving Success


BWRT Level One: General Psychopathology

BWRT Level Two: Psychology of Identity and Behaviour

Major Life Reset

Smashing Limits

Social Media Addiction


WSN Level Three

NET - Neurophysical Enhancement Training

Illness Anxiety


Financial Confidence

Neural Manifestation

The BWRT Creed

Registered BWRT Practitioners adhere rigidly to this creed and will seek professional guidance from senior BWRT Mentors where they deem it to be advisable or necessary.


The BWRT ethos is that the wellbeing of the client is paramount and therefore the BWRT Practitioner will ensure a constancy of demeanour and diligent application of their skills in the pursuit of that wellbeing.


The BWRT Practitioner knows that nobody can control what they think or how they feel, only their response to such thoughts or feelings, and is therefore non-judgmental. They will apply their skills appropriately and without criticism to relieve distress and foster wellbeing.


Everybody has thoughts and feelings they prefer to keep to themselves and the BWRT Practitioner will not insist they be divulged. On very rare occasions, it is beneficial to explore such thoughts and feelings, but the Practitioner will make every effort to avoid that need.


Terence Watts, January 25, 2023

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